City Civil Court Advocate - Mumbai

Our primary goal is to clarify the legal obstacles that our clients may face while seeking to utilize the best solution in alliance with the law.

As a Civil Court Advocate in Mumbai, Adv. Sanjay Balakrishnan is experienced and well-versed in the legal proceedings that occur in Mumbai High Court. He has represented numerous clients for civil cases. He has been providing legal advice practicing in various fields of law including Consumer Protection, Divorce, Property Law, Corporate Law and General Legal.

With personal attention to detail, responsiveness and client satisfaction, and knowledge of domestic and international laws, Adv. Sanjay is highly sought after in Mumbai.

Generally, a civil lawyer handles cases that deal with the recovery of money or property. They must be very well versed in interpreting the law and be able to find loopholes in the laws to justify the given case at hand. To represent your civil court case, choose Lex Ventures as your civil advocate.

A few other duties and tasks for a civil lawyer is to gather evidence to create defense or to start legal actions, through various means, like interviewing clients and witnesses to testify to certain facts of a particular case. A lawyer must also represent clients either in court or before the government officials. A civil lawyer must have a significant deal of knowledge in order to successfully win cases in the field of law. If you are searching for an experienced and qualified civil advocate in Mumbai, visit Lex Ventures Advocates.

At Lex Venture Advocates, clients receive a quality level of service from us. We invest in the time to get to understand your individual case and how we can best serve you and solve your legal issue. We work hard to provide clients the best legal service that they are seeking. This includes cases that relate to Consumer Laws in India, all kinds of services related to litigation in the field of consumer laws.To avail these services or any other legal service in Mumbai, call our office and you will obtain a prompt response from our side. We are skilled and experienced to provide excellent legal representation for you.